Get a ring side seat
to your customer sales-rep

TALENTIFY - Play by play insights for better sales coaching!


Sales Activity Tracking

Talentify integrates with your CRM and allows you to track the last mile of your reps activities. Track each deal as it unfolds in real time across multiple communication channels! Automate sales workflows and handoffs through Talentify

LiveAction Call gives you insights into how your sales conversations are unfolding. Our AI based technology spots key signals and lets you coach your reps for success with insights what's working and what's not, on every call.

LiveAction Presentation Tracking lets you see how your reps present your products to prospects and how your sales collaterals are getting used. See how the message gets communicated to customers in the last mile and help your reps improve the quality of their pitch

LiveAction Emails lets you see how email communication unfolds with your customers. Get insights on what customers are talking about with our SalesSignals Analytics

Content Intelligence

Mobile Learning

Talentify provides you with a unique competency analytic that lets you understand exactly what skills your reps need help with and the means to help them improve without disrupting their work or breaking the bank! Push interactive micro-learnings to reps on the go

LiveAction Simulations help your reps practice their skills in realistic situations

Chatbot based assistance and coaching

Document Repositories for quick access to sales manuals etc.

Content Curation


Activity reports help you track your sales efforts in real time

Competency reports help you see how your salesforce's learning needs are evolving and target your performance improvement initiatives better

Content Sharing


Every company has unique training needs and every rep has unique learning needs! That's why Custom content development services are part of our enterprise plans to help you share compelling digital learning content with your reps

Develop customized interactive content and simulations to help your sales reps practice their pitch

Create custom learning experiences for different reps aligned with their training needs and automate the scheduling of content to create a culture of self improvement

Content Curation


SSO support

Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho and PipeDrive CRMs

Oracle's PeopleSoft, OrangeHR HRIS

Content Sharing


1024 bit encryption of data and content

Remote device management and data wipes

Flexible Security policies to manage your offline content access protocols

ISO Certified

Content Curation

Turbo Charged Sales Insights for Stellar Sales Teams!