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THE "Salesforce Performance Management" PLATFORM

Talentify is a comprehensive salesforce performance management solution that gives you never-before insights into the last mile of customer-salesperson interactions.Talentify lets you see how your salesforce communicates with customers on calls, presentations and webinars and see what they are doing right, and where they need help.

Talentify also lets you help your salesforce with customized learning content to help them up their game and win!


See how your sales calls are going

Talentify call analytics help you see what your salesforce is talking about and gives you insight into what sets apart your top performers from the rest

See if your core sales messages are getting communicated to customers and how your sales reps handle critical customer microinteractions during a call

Feature one

Keep a HawkEye on your Sales Meetings

See how your reps are doing in meetings and face to face interactions.

See which collaterals and messages are getting facetime with your customer and how they are responding to them!

Feature two

Coach your sales team better with customized learning content

Train your salesforce on-the-go with interactive micro-learning that's customized to their learning needs.

Interactive Assessments let your salesforce practice their pitch on mock calls and presentations

Content customization services for your business unique needs

Gamification and Leaderboards help get the competition really going!

Feature three

Turbo Charged Sales Insights for Stellar Sales Teams!