Watch every play unfold as your reps take the deal down to the finish line

Talentify - Provide real time coaching to help them succeed


FOLLOW YOUR reps play by play through the entire sales cycle
with the Live-Action


Track calls as they happen. Get annotated call records that pick signals from your customer conversations - see what's working and whats not!


See how customers react to your webinars. Listen for their pain points and see how well your reps handle their queries play by play!


Watch your field salesforce in realtime action. See how your collaterals are getting used in the field and what your reps are communicating to customers!


Coach them for success without breaking the bank

(Or killing yourself with the effort !!)


    Bite-sized content for continuous learning and maximum impact with minimal disruption to productivity!


    We also help you develop and deploy custom interactive learning content to help supercharge your salesforce!


    Case based scenarios for realistic scenario simulations. Help reps learn product concepts in the context of customer needs!


    Create customer bots that'll help your reps practice their pitch! With our speech technology, your reps can test their pitch against realistic customer bots!


Powerful Analytics

See what your reps and customers are saying in the field! Our powerful signal analysis suite allows you to zoom in on the conversations that count to get a pulse of the sales zeitgeist!

  • LiveAction Reports

    See the action unfold as it happens! Play by play reports for every interaction between reps and your customer!

  • Signal Analysis

    Our powerful AI technology helps you zoom in on the critical moments of a sales interaction. Get deep insights across your customer conversations to see what matters, and what works in the winning interactions!

  • Competency Reports

    See how your reps perform and map it to their learning needs to coach them like a pro!


Enterprise Ready

Talentify is built for sales leaders navigating a complex sales process in large organizations. It's scalable cloud based architecture also integrates with the existing IT investments made for sales organizations!

  • Custom CRM Integrations

    Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, HubSpot, PipeDrive

  • Custom HRIS Integrations

    Oracle, PeopleSoft, OrangeHR

  • Custom BPM Integrations

    KISSFLOW, Zapier

  • Dialer Integrations

    Vicidial, GoAutoDial, Avaya

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